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Red Sox Offseason in Review (Almost)

     Not new to the blog sphere I have had a number of different blogs over the years. However,  I am now more determined to stick to it and talk to the people. I will attempt to write once a day on different topics and always give the straight truth and my opinion.
     The Red Sox have never been very active during the off-season since Theo Epstein has taken over the front office. Their most recent high level acquisition Dice-K Matsuzaka led the staff in wins in 2008. Many asked, Who will the Sox get next? Teixiera? Burnett? No one would guess Brad Penny or Josh Bard. The Red Sox like 2007 didn’t make the anticipated offseason splash. So far nothing has come from trade talks with Texas or Arizona. Detroit hasn’t made a peep. Coco Crisp left but Lugo is still sleeping sound in Boston. The offseason may not be over but the Red Sox are keeping quiet. Teixiera was a bust that the Yankees bribed and Sabathia no different. The Red Sox may seem to have lost the offseason but only time will tell.